Meet The Founders

We are Katia and Katja, close friends and fierce advocates for self-love. We believe beauty comes in all shapes, colours and sizes and there is no need to be perfect to feel good about yourself and be empowered to be who you want to be. All we need is to embrace and celebrate ourselves and our bodies for who we are.

We believe, every woman deserves to feel her best every day in life. Nourishing and caring for your body is the first step to taking active ownership of your wellbeing. Be Well is our daily solution - a wellness hydration mix that helps you feel great and stay hydrated wherever your day takes you.

Why We Are Different

We deliver an alternative approach to hydration
Be Well is the first hydration product in the UK that also contains vitamins essential to maintain female health. A mix that blends a hydration and wellness boost, to take when you need it, wherever you are.

We keep it simple, exactly as it should be
Our nutrient dense formula is highly targeted, yet streamlined. It’s women’s wellness and hydration with no hassle. Because wellness starts with small (yet mighty) steps every single day.

We are obsessed, in a good way
We make wellness mixes we want to take ourselves, as well as sharing them with you. This is why we take seriously all aspects related to quality and safety of our products.

Our Quality Promise

We are proudly British
Be Well is formulated, manufactured and packaged in Britain, and is fully compliant with UK and EU legislation which meets the highest quality standards. It is produced in line the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety known as the gold-standard in manufacturing and production.

We source the best ingredients 
Our products are based on ingredients from suppliers who can provide full traceability and the finest quality supplies. Because a standout product starts with standout ingredients and only the best is good enough for your body.

We create with you in mind 
BE WELL products are free from artificial colours and sweeteners and are instead flavoured and sweetened with natural plant-based powders. On top of that they are vegan, non-GMO, lactose and gluten free and keto- diet friendly.