How to thrive when you’re super busy

How to thrive when you’re super busy

Stress is the antithesis of wellness and happiness; keep it in check to feel like the best version of you when life’s pace feels relentless.   
We get it; your work schedule is back to back, childcare is a constant juggle and keeping up with your new-found post lockdown freedom feels overwhelming. When you’re constantly scrolling through Instagram watching friends enjoying life with a huge smile on their faces, you can feel pressure to stay in that ‘always on’ mindset 24/7.

In reality, no one on this planet thrives when they are continually rushing around. As we know optimal wellness comes from living a healthy balanced life. And that means prioritizing you and allowing yourself to slow down. As any professional athlete will attest, taking rest days in amongst their training is as important as pushing themselves to beat their best track time. And this is just as true in terms of our lifestyle patterns.

Follow our ‘Thrive Not Survive’ 5 step plan and you’re all set:

1 Regulate your stress levels 

Stress exhausts us both physically and emotionally. When we experience a state of heightened anxiety our body pumps out the stress hormone cortisol. The body is designed to live in this state temporarily. But too many of us live our lives in a constant stress state. As a result our bodies run out of the stress hormone and produce adrenaline to make up for it. This leaves us with burnt out adrenal glands that make relaxation difficult. Essentially, persistent stress and ignoring our body’s natural instinct to rest overrides the endocrine system. This leaves us supercharged and can mix the body’s hormone responses pumping adrenaline at bedtime instead of sleep inducing melatonin. 

Block out time to rest and unwind; restorative practices like mindfulness and yoga will stimulate your rest and digest response, aka the parasympathetic nervous system. Try the Calm App for simple guided meditations or Chopra App; which has a 7 Days to Relieve Stress & Anxiety program among its vast meditation library.

2 Manage your time at work efficiently

Use the Pareto Principle, which states that imputing just 20% of the effort delivers an 80% result. The key is to plan effectively, take regular screen breaks to maximize productivity and concentration levels and stay hydrated as you work. Keep your Be Well sachets in both your home or work offices and your tote bag to stay hydrated between meetings and on the go.

3 Limit blue light in the evenings

The circadian rhythm is the body’s biological clock and artificial blue light sends it out of whack. Blue wavelengths are beneficial during the day as they boost attention and mood but are disruptive at night. Exposure to blue light suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin. Maximize on your rest time and sleep quality by avoiding screens for 2 hours before bed. Plus expose yourself to as much natural light as possible during the day.

4 Mix up your Exercise

Try a class you’ve never done before; go for that Barrecore, join CrossFit or take up a new sport like tennis, or if you’re a runner vary your usual route. Change and learning stimulate neuroplasticity in the brain which helps us feel positive, confident and full of life.

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